The Shadow Walker by Michael Walters

The Shadow Walker

Michael Walters

Senior British policeman is sent to Mongolia to solve what appears to be a series of psychopathic murders. But nothing is what it appears in this well-paced thriller and the many twists ensure that the Brit is no match for the locals. Recommended to anyone who enjoyed The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre and for the fascinating setting.


'We nevertheless appear to be dealing with a psychopath.'
'We still can't be sure of that.'
'No, we can't. Though I am not sure how else you would characterise such killings. But it is not just that. It is the totality that disturbs. It does not - how can I put this - it does not fit together. And, most of all, because there is a pattern here I still can't read, I do not like the fact that we are down here, in this part of my country.'

  • The Fountain at the Centre of the World by Robert Newman
  • The Walking Dead by Gerald Seymour
  • Mr Clarinet by Nick Stone

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