The Godless Boys by Naomi Wood

The Godless Boys

Naomi Wood

Banished from England because they don’t believe in God, the inhabitants of this remote island society live out their lives in exile from their homeland. Here, in this story, we have an excellent example of a worldwide and centuries old problem – the conflict of faith and the arguments and civil war it inevitably brings. An easy read that rolls forward like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger until it finally explodes.

There was still a faint smell of carbon, in here, though the church would be about thirty-six years burnt by now. She wondered who had done it, this last act of defiance against England. Eliza put her hands on her knees and cocked her head, as if she were listening to a service. How grateful she would be to hear some words of guidance right now. She just needed someone to talk to. The Sound sparkles invitingly. On Monday night, watching the girl sneak from the boat, Eliza had imagined talking to her about railways and Walkmans and churches and all manner of English things.
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