The Illuminations by Andrew O'Hagan

The Illuminations

Andrew O'Hagan

Memories, artistry, loyalties are shredded by Alzheimer's and Afghanistan. In seeking to rebuild his life Luke discovers the truth behind the kind lies, enabling genuine value in a new relationship with his grandmother. Rich material here to ponder on: the reasons why we create versions of reality to hand on to the third generation; how the fixation of place opens understanding of the light and dark in our souls.

Standing in her bedroom, with the coats in her arms and the window clear and polished in front of her, Maureen wanted to scream. In the next room they were bustling about, talking and upsetting her cushions and opening the fridge, and it all felt to her like an invasion. She hugged the warm coats and wished they were her nearest-and-dearest: she could just lay them down for the afternoon and then brush them off and send them home. But the actual people?
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