A Girl Made of Air by Nydia Hetherington

A Girl Made of Air

Nydia Hetherington

Roll up for a magical mystical tour with the travelling circus! The unusual hybrid of genres reflects the weird and wonderful circus acts and the dual life of the performing artistes. Dickensian melodrama blends with Gothic fable, myth and folklore, whilst underneath the glamour of the Big Top and the spell of the dreamlike prose lie nightmare topics - suicide, sexual abuse and childhood neglect - so best not to read before bedtime.

The dream seems so real. That’s the power of dreams, the power of films or books, of words. They deceive us, make us believe their lies until the lights come up, we close the book, we open our eyes, and once again we’re confined to our drudgery.
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  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
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Explicit sexual content