The Glasgow Coma Scale by Neil D A Stewart

The Glasgow Coma Scale

Neil D A Stewart

Lynne and Angus are both stoical and spirited and are amateur artists. In need of assurances as they journey through the tribulations of love and life, these two troubled souls search their way to emotional independence. They explore their dysfunctions through a low key romance that is sometimes comedic, but never neglects the serious aspects of life. The author writes using a heavy Glaswegian dialect that serves to enhance its sense of place.

A dim recollection of lecturing the folk in McCalls on this point made him shudder. Sad, though: the sheer unalloyed enjoyment he'd felt as he downed his first pint, and how that had been buried in all the rest of the night's shit and silt.
'Anyweiy, it's no an uncommon problem. Lynne here started out nervous too, but she quickly overcame it. Her lines got confident. She hud promise,' he added, as if Lynne was not actually present, ears flapping, 'but often as not it's the wans've actually shown promise who jack it in early.'
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