Coastal Treasure by Mark Alan Griffis

Coastal Treasure

Mark Alan Griffis

Journey back in time with this unashamedly nostalgic coming-of-age tale set in 70’s small town America, featuring two youngsters in their search for smugglers’ treasure off the Florida coast. In traditional adventure story style, where the old-fashioned values of duty and honour prevail and valuable lessons about friendship are learned, it has the feel-good factor appealing to the young and young-at-heart alike, as well as being a darn good yarn!

The moonless night cast a hint of malevolence on the inlet and it brought to mind a similar blackness that descended all too quickly on a sweltering afternoon. A darkness that brought with it near lethal consequences. It was the summer of 1973 and my best friend Rory Perkins and I were on the inlet just west of the bridge. Our fishing platform that afternoon was a raft of our own making. However, it was more than mere lumber and barrels. It was a magic carpet that ushered us to adventures that profoundly shaped our lives. Yet on that summer day our raft glided us to the very edge of mortal existence. From that fragile craft, Rory and I peered helplessly into death’s cold abyss.
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