Land of the Golden Apple by Eve Makis

Land of the Golden Apple

Eve Makis

There's no doubt about the feel of Greek culture and the setting in Cypriot life, but that’s not the main focus here. These dangers could be facing a group of young boys anywhere – as could the universal pains of coping with unpredictable adults. The ending comes as a something of a surprise too.

Socrates ran along the street feeling wretched, his feet banging hard against the tarmac, the wind slapping his face, rapid motion offering some relief from his misery. He found his father in the hallway and ran into his arms, tearfully relating his story about the taxi driver's brutality. Niko tried to calm his son with comforting words but all the while anger and resentment bubbled inside him. Enough was enough. This time the man had killed a bird; next time he might take a pot shot at his wife or his son. Something had to be done before it was too late.
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