Shadows of the Past by Maggie Cobbett

Shadows of the Past

Maggie Cobbett

Will middle-aged Englishwoman Laura be allowed to leave the French village when her car is repaired? A very satisfying variation on the themes of 'old sins' and isolated communities, enlivened by sly humour and a very real love for French art and cuisine.


'Valentin told you it's too early for mushrooms. Anyway most of them are poisonous.'
'I wasn't planning on putting them straight in my mouth.'
'Well, something else you should know, parts of the forest are said to be haunted.'
'By the ghosts of reckless mushroom-hunters?'
Laura's sarcasm was wasted on Therese, whose face contorted with anger.

  • Grey Souls by Philippe Claudel
  • The Occupation Trilogy by Patrick Modiano
  • The Woodcutter by Reginald Hill

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