One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding

One Big Damn Puzzler

John Harding

Idealistic young US lawyer with OCD visits (imaginary) pacific island where the only literate native inhabitant is translating Hamlet into pidgin. Sounds unreadable? Don't be put off; this is a book, recommended by Lads Mag, of which Shakespeare would have been proud. A true tragi-comedy that will make you examine lots of preconceptions (not all to do with bowel movements) even as you laugh.

Now William faced his audience with a certain amount of anxiety. It was not going to be easy, explaining an alien concept to an audience of savages. On the other hand, he was used to having to explain alien concepts of justice, fair play and responsibility to bunches of corporate lawyers. How much harder could this be?
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  • A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
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