The Crash of Hennington by Patrick Ness

The Crash of Hennington

Patrick Ness

A herd of rhinos wanders the streets of seaside Hennington, where the citizens of this imaginary metropolis are engaged in all too familiar power struggles. I found the satire and surreal atmosphere very, very funny, even though not all the characters worked for me and the book does sag rather in the middle. I certainly hope the author is right about the power of love to win through - even if it meant that, unfortunately, no rhino trod on the whimsical one-parent moppet.


Thomas kept close tabs on possible police activity through a dizzying array of informants, both inside and outside of the police department, some of whom informed on each other. Besides, half the force were customers anyway.

  • The Master and Margerita by Mikhail Bulgakov
  • The Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills
  • Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin

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