A Ghost's Story by Lorna Gibb

A Ghost's Story

Lorna Gibb

This story takes us into the shadowy world of seances which were hugely popular in nineteenth century Britain and the New World. The contraptions and tricks that were used are all uncovered but the difference with this telling is that it’s seen from the viewpoint of a ghost called Katie. She’s personable, would desperately like people to believe in her and she's in love. I believed in her and I think you will too.

The Tideswells greeted them warmly and ushered them into their front room. There would be no more than a handful of people present ... Filenia did speak, through the young Tideswell girl, of quiet family things and the missing of them.
I was there then, in that simple room with its rough cut maple furniture and candle lanterns made of tin, somehow understanding what had gone on before. I watched, knowing of the hours of practice spent before a mirror, and a father's pride at his daughter's mimicry.... Did they believe in me? I think they truly did.
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