Vinland Sheep by Helen Shacklady

Vinland Sheep

Helen Shacklady

A story of simmering passions and secret lesbian lovers, set against a backdrop of two feuding English and Welsh families during the Wars of the Roses. The 15th century historical context is very atmospheric, and the class divisions are at times quite humorous.

The day had already been far too long, and she could have done without having to persuade Sir Giles that his mistress really didn't want to entertain him in private. Thank goodness Fitzjohn had been there to guide him back to the hall, and was still lying across the foot of Luddy and Morgan's mattress, apparently awake and the least drunk male in the castle. If Sir Giles managed to slip past this self-appointed guardian, Mona would be tempted to stab him with her scissors out of sheer spite, rather than to protect a woman who did nothing but present her with problems.
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