The Doors of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Doors of Eden

Adrian Tchaikovsky

All fantasy has a big ask in terms of credibility - this is all the more gripping for being rooted in alternative evolutionary histories which threaten to collide as the entropy point approaches. Definitely for those who like their minds opened by the doorways which connect our universe to the multiverse.


She, as a giant alien from a parallel Earth, was excused from having to play games. She intimidated them because she had unwittingly been born with the biggest signifier of superiority in their world: taking up a huge amount of space. They practically tied themselves into knot around her, trying to suppress their own instinct to cower and defer. Only Dr Rat was comfortable enough in his post to get past it, and he was more than happy to poke her and shoo her out of the way when he wanted to look over her figures. He ignored the human-style keyboard and screen, instead plugging his techno-monocle into her terminal and viewing things there.

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