Foolish Heroines by June Wentland

Foolish Heroines

June Wentland

This bizarre story combining domestic drama with a liberal sprinkling of magical realism makes for an entertaining read. Following a disparate group of women as they embark on journeys of discovery, empowerment and friendship, it yanks the reader into their lives and any resistance soon becomes futile. Absurd though it may be, it is also funny, uplifting and refreshingly different. By the end of the book I too felt like I was one of the gang.


This washing was on a rotary line, which was in danger of being swamped by sub-tropical foliage. It was situated in what looked as if it had once been the centre of a large suburban lawn; the lawn having gradually shrunk as trees and shrubs had advanced - creeping slowly, like wild arboreal creatures with no concept of trespass grazing on domestic land. In the moonlight, the fabric of Lily's white underwear and blouses had taken on the appearance of softly spun quartz, as if hard silicates had relaxed their grip, loosened out of crystalline prisms to fluffiness; an acquiescence into yarn. Under the gaze of Janina and Shaz, the sensible knickers became self-conscious; shocked but delighted by the revelation of their own translucence. 

Janina and Shaz stared at them transfixed.

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