Viral by Helen Fitzgerald


Helen Fitzgerald

This is the only book I've ever read where the first six words made me audibly gasp, 'I sucked twelve cocks in Magaluf'. What an opening! It certainly made me want to read on. It was good to read a book so currently 'on topic' where the subject matter of social media affects all. Hidden behind PCs, so many of us are tempted to expose ourselves on social media without thinking of the ultimate cost it may make to our lives.

'Listen comrades, and listen hard,' Leah continued. 'Part one of the mission complete, we must now dedicate ourselves to the deflowering - that's the word - of Su-Jin Oliphant-Brotheridge from Doon. The picker of her cherry is out there waiting.' She took two of the condoms I'd left in her small black handbag, and put them in my brown (and only) purse.
'Are we ready to find this girl some cock?'
Millie and Natasha: 'Yes!'
'Again, are we ready to get Su-Jin cock?'
Millie, Natasha, (A reluctant) Me: 'Yes!'
'I'm not feeling' it sis. Say the word, say it - cock!' Leah was standing on the kitchen bench now. She could be a politician, or a cult leader. We all felt amazing. 'Are you ready to get cock?'
Millie, Natasha, Leah, Me: 'YES YES YES!'
I hadn't said the c word. But I do believe, looking back, that I was ready to get it.
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