Ice Cold by Andrea Maria Schenkel

Ice Cold

Andrea Maria Schenkel

1930’s Germany, characterised by its economic and social unrest. Here the naivety of youth collides with the harsh reality of a rapist and serial killer on the loose. The brutal tale unfolds through the testimonies of witnesses, victims and the killer himself. The atmosphere of menace grows as the horror that lurks around the corner is revealed in chilling and graphic detail. This one packs a punch that lingers.

He looked at his dirty, bloodstained hands. Bent down, washed them in the cold water. Felt how much good the water did his hands. How much good it did him. He undressed, jumped into the canal, dived down under the water, black in the night. Felt how cool it was all around him. Felt himself slowly calming down in the dark water, felt how pleased he was with himself, how happy he was.
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