Feeding Time by Adam Biles

Feeding Time

Adam Biles

The residents of Green Oaks Residential Home for the elderly decide to take their destiny (what little is left) into their own hands. A good mixture of characters with only their advanced years in common. The Care Home staff, especially the manager, are the deranged ones. The extraordinary, but also imaginary, wartime diaries of resident Captain Ruggles regularly interrupts the story line. An interesting and uplifting debut novel.



Due to circumstance BEYOND MY CONTROL, being, as it is, a dictate IMPOSED from above by WCH management,
it is with great professional sadness and more than a modicum of PERSONAL DISTRESS that I must be the MESSENGER of bad news, to whit: a diminution in the number of CareFriend effectives was demanded and has been implemented with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

Despite FURIOUS REMONSTRATIONS on my part, the BOARD'S DECISION was upheld and the AXE HAS FALLEN.

  • The Escape by Adam Thirlwell
  • You and I by Padgett Powell

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