The Iraqi Christ by Hassan Blasim

The Iraqi Christ

Hassan Blasim

A collection of short stories that fuses the everyday life, largely of post war Iraq, with the extraordinary. These stories offer the reader a fascinating and compelling insight into the Iraqi experience. It should be on the list for anyone interested in Iraqi/Arabic fiction.


It's been three years since this incident took place. I'm now working in the refugee camp in place of Anisa the Albanian, who has returned to her own country. I work as a translator for the immigration department, and I escort the new quarantine inmates to the hospital every morning. There's nothing exciting in my life, the same shit and urine problems, the usual refusals to strip off in front of a woman doctor. I wanted to forget my countrymen, and match the rhythm of my life to the slow pace of this border town. I visit the Afghan's grave from time to time, because he was buried in the town cemetery close to the refugee reeption centre. His grave is the only one without a cross.

  • Last Evenings on Earth by Roberto Bolano
  • The Madman of Freedom Square by Hassan Blasim

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