Peyton Amberg by Tama Janowitz

Peyton Amberg

Tama Janowitz

Peyton Amberg travels the world, embarking on numerous affairs as she bids to find her own life, far away from her domineering mother-in-law and pedantic husband. This is a mildly humorous book that will hit you harder than you might at first suspect. Also, you may be surprised by Peyton's stance on marriage.


What weird fate had placed her in the hotel, married to a dentist, financially sound, a nearly grown son who was not a drug addict; and she herself slim-hipped with large breasts and silky black hair, and a career-of-sorts that provided her with freedom? Everything on paper was perfect. Only, inside was a gnawing animal, the sexual beast, who mostly dozed but who, on waking would roar into a frenzy, chewing off its own leg to get out of the trap. And the trap was she.

  • Her Name was Lola by Russell Hoban
  • The Arrogance of Women by Teresa Benison

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