Lie in the Dark by Dan Fesperman

Lie in the Dark

Dan Fesperman

Vlado Petric wonders what's the point of investigating another death in war torn Sarajevo, but his investigation into the killing of a police chief unravels an international art treasure scandal. You'll enjoy this as a fine crime novel and a chilling portrayal of a city at war.

Preparing to go to Dobrinja was a bit like outfitting for a wilderness expedition. Vlado had to arrange for cash, hire a car, find gasoline, plan his route in advance, and drive with a reckless precision that would evade shell holes and torn metal without slowing down enough to invite gunfire. It was not a place for stopping to look at maps, because if Sarajevo had become a sort of hell on earth, Dobrinja was its innermost circle of despair and isolation.
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