Turning Blue by Benjamin Myers

Turning Blue

Benjamin Myers

There is no hiding place from a shady web of depravity and sleaze as the story progresses from bizarre and creepy to alarming and sinister with a feeling of unease invading every page, although all this grim horror is balanced with beautiful, descriptive prose and vivid detail of the Yorkshire landscape. This vision of rural noir is not for the easily offended as you are pushed beyond sympathy to a state of bewildered anger.


Together. Forever.
She likes it here. He can tell. Things are easier this way. For both of them. This way there are no arguments no disagreements no backchat. No disappointment. They have gone beyond conversation – beyond small talk – beyond all the awkwardness of the early stages of a relationship. He has freed her from everyday living; he has given her that power; no worries. No. No bills to pay. No. No parents no rules no nothing.
Just him and her. Yes. No homework. No.
No stupid boys and bitchy friends. No.
It’s a gift really. The gift of not living.
The gift of nothingness now.
A gift from him.
Steven Rutter.

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