The Mariner's Star by Candida Clark

The Mariner's Star

Candida Clark

A small book written with poetic beauty. I read the story and when I had reached the end I wanted to read it again to savour the writing. A woman goes out to sea in her dead fisherman husband's boat. She wants to confront what she thought was the other great love of his life, the ocean, the love that she thought had won him. The story is created around this confrontation and the coming to terms with his death. I won't tell you how it ends!


I keep my eyes fixed seawards, trying not to think on the coffin-stacked past that's bought me and everyone like me to this point, wondering about the land's fast tip towards the sea. Because how soon will it be? It must be fairly soon, I'm sure of that much, and although I'll not see it, someone's children will.

  • Cold Water by Gwendoline Riley
  • The Memory Box by Margaret Forster

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