The Infinite by Nicholas Mainieri

The Infinite

Nicholas Mainieri

What starts as a love story spins quickly, and unexpectedly, into a thrilling drug cartel tale mixed with a coming-of-age and journey story. I loved both main characters, completely caught up in their individual stories and shared history. The delicate weave of elements of dark violence with poetic description, desperate escapes with a sweet romance was compelling. This was definitely one that I stayed up far too late to finish!

In the wash of moonlight, the desert filled with nebulous shapes. Scrub trees and agave and cacti, rushing out of the dark. A distant cordillera existed because the mountains themselves were not filled with stars. Her ghost runner sprang to life. Cold and growing. She felt she could hear him breathing, gaining on her. Run. Her legs were weak, her breath thin. She had grown out of shape and she was beat up.
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