The Ecliptic by Benjamin Wood

The Ecliptic

Benjamin Wood

Mysterious circumstances and people prompt artist Knell to embark on a torturous journey. Through much soul searching and the intricate exploration of her artwork, her creative spirit unravels hidden depths and truths. This path weaves its way, amongst richly drawn characters and their circumstances, and leads to a place of unnerving realities and twists. Intimate and obsessive in tone, the pace slowly climbs towards hopeful resolution.

'It's just a visualisation technique - not a cure - but I think it will benefit you.' At once the spread of magazines on the table began to seem further away ... 'We all need a place that is ours and ours alone. The Fjords are mine - you have to choose somewhere else.' I flicked through the pages of the topmost issue .... it can't be anywhere you've been before - nowhere with memories.
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