Say Say Say by Lila Savage

Say Say Say

Lila Savage

This moving and reflective story, though not driven by plot, action or dialogue, gives the reader much to contemplate. Ella is not a character I particularly warmed to, but admired for her honest approach to her role - she knows she falls short and strives to be better. Really nails the dynamics of the relationship between a carer and the family she has been hired to help.

Ella coaxed into being an idea of who Jill was, who she had been; she sculpted it inventively from the rough material she was given. This was necessary, because Ella felt the need to love Jill, and it was easier to love a person. She tried to imagine the life Jill and Bryn had shared before the accident (seldom referenced, never elaborated on - Ella never heard exactly what had happened) that had changed their lives so abruptly.
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