Worlds From The Word's End by Joanna Walsh

Worlds From The Word's End

Joanna Walsh

This thought provoking novella considers communication and words through the observations of an unnamed protagonist. The meandering prose is at times challenging, with its seemingly disjointed plot requiring a focused mind. An intellectual read, this unusual tale is reflective and insightful in equal measure.


To accommodate her, I pared myself down further, until I was practically flat, then hardly more than one-dimensional. I stripped myself of the word righteous, and the word ... well, all the words, until I wasn't feeling myself any more, until I was numb, uncalled for, but she had no need to call me: I was always there. Minus these words I looked no different. She didn't notice they'd ever been attached to me.

  • The Interagative Mood by Padgett Powell
  • On the Road by Jack Kerouac

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