Murmur by Will Eaves


Will Eaves

Whilst the first half of this book was fairly easy and quick to read, the latter half was much more challenging delivering wildly imagined, philosophical dream sequences suffused with beautiful writing. This experimental novel won’t be to everyone’s taste or stamina - expect to be stretched, dazzled and even frustrated. But if the aftermath of Alan Turing’s devastating punishment is the hook you need, steel yourself and take the plunge.


The fire’s cold flames are tassels rising in my mother’s black pupils. Her skeletal physique is ivory in a cave, her cape billows; the glass she holds, the clothes she wears, all saturated with ideal colour - the grain of which is, on inspection, rather coarse. ‘Logic and maths are beautiful but they are far from being certainties. I don’t believe there is a realm of truth. And if there is, well, I prefer this one, with all its faults and inconsistencies.’

  • Lucia by Alex Phelby
  • The Imitation Game - the film

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