Best European Fiction 2011 by Aleksandar Hemon (ed)

Best European Fiction 2011

Aleksandar Hemon (ed)

This is a huge collection of short stories. Most of them are very short and all the contributors are European. The stories range over all genres. Many are quite traditional while others are experimental in both theme and style - no punctuation! The book poses the question – is there is a distinct European literary identity? Read this interesting and eclectic collection to help form your own conclusion.


The mother even without her head, tries to calm them. She asks them if they saw her head somewhere along the way.
They reply that they didn't.
But they want to know how all this happened.
How was it cut off? asks the oldest.
Who cut it off? asks the middle child.
Why? asks the youngest child.
The mother responds
With an axe.
It was you father.
Because he wanted to have more space on the bed
The children sit in silence for a few moments, but then the oldest child screams,the middle one cries, and the youngest trembles.

  • Best European Fiction 2010 by Alexander Hemon(ed)
  • One World: A Global Anthology of Short Stories by various editors

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