The Rift by Nina Allan

The Rift

Nina Allan

Families never recover from the disappearance of a child or sibling. Selena's account of the effect of her sister Julies's disappearance on her family is heartbreaking. Julie's return after twenty years, and her explanation of where she has been, only causes more grief, disbelief and family discord. So don't look for certainties in this brilliant family/SF novel. Although not usually a sci-fi fan, I loved it.


Selena had been living in a world where she believed her sister Julie was dead. Finding out she was alive was like a miracle - like the lights coming back on after a twenty year power cut. It changed everything surely ?
You don't know it's her yet, she thought. You don't know anything .... She thought of Julie the last time she'd seen her: elbows on the kitchen table, hair hanging down like curtains in front of her face.
Had she known she was about to disappear? It didn't seem possible, but then neither did her return.

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