Blood and Ice by Robert Masello

Blood and Ice

Robert Masello

There's something for everyone here as the genre skips easily from page to page - a flavoursome 19th century romance wrapped up within a supernatural, scientific present-day thriller. An icy sense of danger haunts the characters' search for redemption in this intriguing, pacy spine-chiller.

The sea was truly opening up beneath him, and he sensed that if he wasn't careful, he would go too far. He clung to his vision of the sloping floor, and in the gloomy light provided by a break in the ice above, he saw something that looked entirely out of place. It was rectangular, too neatly so, and even encrusted with ice, it looked like a trunk of some kind. The seal spun in a lazy circle around it, almost as if it had been leading him here all along.
Oh my God, Michael thought, sunken treasure? It can't be. Not here. Not at the South Pole.
He worked his fins and rapidly drew near. Even with all the exertion, he was beginning to feel the cold seeping through the many layers of his clothing. He stopped just above it, waving his arms lazily in the freezing water. And under all the ice, under the clinging limpets and sea urchins and starfish that festooned its sides - one of the ivory-colored starfish had even spread itself out on top like a skeletal hand - he could see that it was definitely a trunk, and that its lid had fallen open.
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