Our Memory Like Dust by Gavin Chait

Our Memory Like Dust

Gavin Chait

Set in East Africa this is a complex, challenging, futuristic thriller - with familiar themes. The subject matters of this novel are as sad, horrific and relevant as they are today - fleeing migrants, soldiers carrying out acts of violence to others. However amongst the tragedy there is a positive, those willing to risk their lives to help and make good. For that we should be thankful.


As they left Goudiry, she noticed large groups of people camped around cooking fires under trees along the highway. There were young children playing football or wrestling, goats weaving their way through the people, and men and women packing goods into wagons or on to donkeys and cows. There was well-ordered chaos and an underlying tension.
'They are seekers,' said the Nodder, Shakiso's embeds simultaneously translating and surprising her. His voice was treacle-dark, rich and deep. Like a continent.
'So many?' she asked. She said the words softly, and the translation was spoken via small speakers embedded in her rims.
'Yes. They seek freedom. They will make their crossing into the Maghreb soon.'
Seekers. People of no nation.

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