Guernica by Dave Boling


Dave Boling

You can guess from the title what this book is about, but there are still shocks and surprises to be had - think The Great Escape meets The Island set in the Basque country and you’re halfway there. It does have some lighter moments but doesn’t shy away from the inhumanity of war and can be emotionally draining. And be warned, there are a lot of characters, but go with it (make notes if necessary) and after the first 100 pages you’ll be hooked.

It was a slow waltz, with Mendiola's saw emitting weary sighs. Miren wept at the sound. This is twice in the past few weeks, Miguel realized, pulling her in even closer. She looked away and the lights became distorted stars, aligned in tree-shaped constellations. As they turned, all else revolved around their core; the confusion, disorder, hunger, war and pain were somewhere else. Everything outside was blurred by her tears.
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