Tangerine by Christine Mangan


Christine Mangan

Ripley meets Single White Female, that’s the vibe which describes this psychological thriller best I think. The two sides of an exotic Moroccan town add to the suspense. All I could do was read until the wee hours.

Something tugged at my memory. I remembered that day in Jennings Hall, all those years ago, and turning to Lucy, I lowered my sunglasses and said, 'I thought you didn't remember your father.'
A moment passed by, and another still, so that I wondered if she would ignore my words altogether. And then, she did not turn to me, did not take off her own sunglasses; instead she remained facing the ocean, her face as sturdy as the stone we had just stood upon. 'I remember that,' she said, her tone a warnng, a threat.
I turned away from her and remained silent.
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