Early Riser by Jasper Fforde

Early Riser

Jasper Fforde

Disturbing ethical questions underlie this dystopia's quirky humour and thrilling plot. In climate-changed Wales where humans hibernate, a pharmaceutical giant is up to no good. A must if you enjoy dreadful puns and mind-bending concepts!

Despite it being two days before Winter officially began, most people had already hunkered down, and anyone who wasn't asleep would be going through their pre-hibernatory nesting rituals. Yoga and Gregorian chants were always popular, with yoyo, tango, humming, bezique and watercolouring going in and out of favour as the vagaries of fashion saw fit. But for most people it was a simple slowing of activity, purposefully avoiding anything exciting. This was a winding down, a relaxing of mind and spirit.
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