Sunshine by Robin McKinley


Robin McKinley

Not your average fantasy novel. Written in the first person, it follows how Sunshine discovers she has a strange empathy with vampires. There has been a war raging between the forces of the supernatural and humans, and the vampires are steadily winning. Can Sunshine's strange alliance make a difference, or will the darkness prevail? Fast paced, but sometimes hard to follow, a great holiday read or something different to expand your horizons.

I wa so hungry that standing there with bread in my hands made my legs tremble, and I had to keep swallowing,
'It is food for you,' he said. 'There is nothing wrong with it. It is just food.'
'Why? I said again. My continuing total-immersion course in vampire mores. Something like a grimace moved momentarily across his too-still face. 'Bo knows me well.'
'Knows ...' I said thoughtfully. 'Knows that you wouldn't .... right away.' The bale of hay to keep the goat happy while the hunters wait for the tiger.
'Not quite,' he said. 'Humans can survive several days, perhaps a week, without food, I believe. But you won't remain attractive for that long.'
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