Saltwater by Jessica Andrews


Jessica Andrews

Lucy is struggling to come to terms with her life in her grandfather's cottage in Donegal. Brought up in Sunderland by her stressed mother, a drunken father and with a deaf brother, she goes to university in London and becomes a different person - but not necessarily someone that she likes. This is a gripping coming-of-age story, told in sequences but not chronologically. It really is entrancing.

Drunk dancing lets me forget. I am liquid in sequins with vodka-coated synapses, spilling and melting in the curly dark. My limbs are glossy in fake-tan shimmer as strobe lights puddle in spilt drinks and I fill my empty spaces with dry ice and smoke. You do not like my lies and my secrets, the smell of someone else's pillow strung through my hair. I spend hours sunk in bubbles, locking you out, soaping the traces away.
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