The Silent Wife by A S A Harrison

The Silent Wife

A S A Harrison

This word-of-mouth bestseller delivers psychological suspense with emphasis on the psychology. Told from both sides of a disintegrating relationship, it reads like a fascinating case study in self-deception and passive aggression, in which the childhood back-stories subtly provide the motivations of the flawed adults. Compelling and convincing, it will leave you thinking long after the surprise ending.

Jodi’s great gift is her silence, and he has always loved this about her, that she knows how to mind her own business, keep her own counsel, but silence is also her weapon. The woman who refuses to object, who doesn’t yell and scream – there’s strength in that, and power. The way she overrides sentiment, won’t enter into blaming or bickering, never gives him an opening, doesn’t allow him to turn it back on her. She knows that her refusal leaves him alone with his choices. And yet he can see that she suffers with it.
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