I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

I Wish You All the Best

Mason Deaver

This book starts with a bang when Ben comes out to their parents and it all goes much, much worse than they imagined. The anxiety and pain of working out who you are and how you fit in - if you’ve forgotten how intense getting through adolescence is, this book will bring it all back. The gentle romance and the warmth of more enby-accepting adults offset the tough start.

I eye the faint stubble that doesn’t belong. I still haven’t found the time or the energy to shave, even though I hate the way it makes me look…. Such a contrast to the other nonbinary people I’ve seen online. Their smooth, hairless, acneless faces, their trimmed hair that always seems perfect. These things I could never be. Because no matter how hard I will it, my body isn’t how I want to see myself… Bodies are fucking weird, especially when it feels like you don’t belong in your own. But it’s too late for things like puberty blockers, and surgery isn’t something I want.
Hell, even my name isn’t very ‘neutral.’
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