White Oleander by Janet Fitch

White Oleander

Janet Fitch

A story of survival against the odds and triumph over adversity. When Astridâ's mother murders her lover she is sentenced to life in foster home after foster home. A poetic but hard-hitting novel of love, loss and lust!

It took longer to pack than when I left Amelia's. There were all the new clothes Claire gave me, the books, the little Durer rabbit. I took everything - I only had one suitcase, so I packed the rest in shopping bags. It took seven bags to pack it all. I went into the kitchen, reached into the jewellery bag, and took the aquamarine ring that was always too big for her, and her mother too. But it fit me fine.
It was almost midnight when a caseworker came in a minivan, a middle-aged white woman in jeans and pearl earrings. Joan Peeler had left DCs last year to work in development at Fox. Ron helped me carry my things out to the van. 'I'm sorry,' he said as I climbed in. He fumbled for his wallet, pressed some money on me. Two hundred-dollar bills. My mother would have thrown them in his face, but I took them.

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