Little Blue Encyclopedia by Hazel Jane Plante

Little Blue Encyclopedia

Hazel Jane Plante

This story of a transwoman's grief for her friend, Vivian, is uniquely structured and unashamedly honest. Akin to a love letter, the grieving woman pays homage to Vivian through a series of encyclopedia entries based upon her favourite TV series. Through the narrator's writing, we learn about her life as a transwoman, as well as the colourful life led by Vivian. While loss is the backbone of the story, the author offers the reader so much more.


Being around her gave me confidence. I saw a way forward, a way of being trans in the world that didn't seem like a struggle. We were opposites in so many ways. She was thin; I'm not. She was straight; I'm not. She was a vegetarian; I'm not. She was outgoing; I'm not. But she took me under her wing. If she hadn't, I'm not sure what would have happened. She softened my shame and anxiety about being trans. 

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