Listening Still by  Anne Griffin

Listening Still

Anne Griffin

This is a tender and gentle read set in small town Ireland and a young woman who can talk with the dead. Jeanie’s life is thrown into confusion when her parents suddenly decide to retire. Where does this leave her? I could easily identify with Jeanie’s struggle. She leads a life full of doubt and sacrifice, and fears to lose it all. But she is a strong, loving character and I was rooting for her throughout.


I see how hard it is for you, Jeanie,' Peanut continued, as my step slowed again at her words. 'The responsibility you feel. And it's this town too. It's too small, everyone knowing your business. That would do anyone's head in. I worry sometimes that your gift is more a curse than anything. Like in London you could still work in a funeral director's but you wouldn't have to do what you do here. You could keep it a secret if you wanted.'
‘But the dead would know. They'd know if I didn't help them.'

And Mikey, I'd wanted to say, what about him? I wasn't sure he'd cope with that level of upheaval if one of us left. But I kept that to myself, knowing well Peanut would say it was my life not his, and I simply didn't want to hear it.


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