Dancing With the Two-headed Tigress by Tina Biswas

Dancing With the Two-headed Tigress

Tina Biswas

When Mousumi travels from India to London to stay with her father’s family it’s not just cultures that clash, it’s also cousins. This book is proof that dysfunctional families exist in all countries. And whilst at the start of the book there is no obvious lead character by the end the heroine is clear for all to see. A gentle, humour-filled read that will make you smile.

By the time Mousumi made it downstairs to the kitchen the next morning, Tuhina and Prakash had already gone to work. Darshini was ready to go, dressed in a pair of low-cut tight jeans and a floral-patterned lace and silk camisole the Mousumi thought looked more suited to bedtime. She sat at the table and toyed with a glass of orange juice, moving her head slowly from side to side to stretch her elegant neck. Her gleaming hair swung from side to side. Mousumi was still in her nightdress, her hair an unbrushed thatch.
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