In the Falling Snow by Caryl Phillips

In the Falling Snow

Caryl Phillips

Through the compassionate tale of male midlife crisis, the problems of cultural identify in three-generation immigrants are examined. Each generation has its own aspirations and fears. And in turn has to deal with the conflicting values of family and society.


‘It’s got a lot to do with respect. You can’t let people large it up in your face and disrespect you. A man’s got to have respect or he’s nothing better than somebody’s punk.'
Respect? What has Laurie, or any of his friends, achieved in their lives that make them imagine that anybody should respect them? What have they done to earn respect? How pathetic he must seem to his son, blathering on about career beyond university, and how he will have to put in more effort and try twice as hard as anybody else, all the while his son is obviously thinking what a square tosser his dad is.

  • Intimacy by Hanif Kureishi
  • Blood Rights by Mike Phillips
  • Small Island by Andrea Levy

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