The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn

The Ivy Chronicles

Karen Quinn

Ivy is a woman very much at odds with herself. She is both materialistic and a woman of morals. However, in the world of school's admissions, these do not always go hand in hand. A very easy book to read with short, snappy chapters and a good insight into how the rich of New York live. I must say that the author does have a very good eye for how children act and the things they say. Not many books make me laugh out loud, but the part where the children are having their school interviews is very funny. Most enjoyable.

A group of teenage boys who had been partying up the beach came over to see what was going on. They stood behind the cop, staring and giggling like we were some kind of freak show. The pimpliest of the kids pulled out a camera phone and snapped a picture of us. I felt like the village slut. Yeah, I know, I was sitting on the beach buck naked next to a man in his birthday suit, but still!

'What's the matter, never seen a woman without her clothes on before?' I hissed at Pimple Boy.
'Never one as old as my mom,' he answered, cracking at his friends.

This was so humiliating. Lights were turning on at Faith's house. A few minutes later, Steven and Faith, in their matching bathrobes, were descending the wooden stairs to the beach with two cops. I hoped that we hadn't interrupted any contractual sex.

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