Poso Wells by  Gabriela Alemán

Poso Wells

Gabriela Alemán

An ironic, satirical and slightly absurd story which you want to keep on reading even though it concerns a situation in which corruption, manipulation, exploited resources, misuse of power and other characteristics of a country in disarray are so obvious. With the help of some interesting characters and the hand of fate, many problems can be solved. Inexplicably, the unbelievable becomes real though the underlying truth cannot be forgotten.


'What happened?' del Pliego asked, following Varas’ eye toward the stains on the ceiling where he spotted a palm tree that made him think of Veracruz.

'Nobody cared that I found a woman dragging herself through a tunnel of slime, or that there are any such tunnels, because all they want to know about is Vinueza. It’s less than three weeks to election day.'

'But didn’t you tell them Vinueza was carried off by those blind guys? Didn’t you tell them about the article by Binns?'

'I told them all that, plus what I think, which is that the missing women have a lot to do with those guys, and that houses are collapsing all over Poso Wells because of the tunnels, which are almost everywhere by now. There’s a city under the city. But you know what my editor said? That he was sick and tired of me and I’d better get my ass over to police headquarters to investigate some refrigerators and TVs stolen out of the cops’ own warehouses by janitors.'

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