Somewhere South of Here by William Kowalski

Somewhere South of Here

William Kowalski

Give yourself time to get to know the characters by the third chapter you will find yourself liking Billy and involved in the search for his mother.


Machismo was a funny thing; I was only just starting to figure it out. There was a whole new set of rules to learn about how a man should comport himself in public. If you looked too long at a guy whom you didn't know, he'd bristle and stare back at you; waiting for you to flinch first: that was machismo. If you happened to be in traffic, he would gun his engine and peel out when the lights changed hoping you would race him: more machismo. It was also macho to fly into a jealous rage - I had already learned the hard way that it didn't do to gaze too appreciatively at a pretty woman if she was on another man's arm.

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