Variations by Juliet Jacques


Juliet Jacques

An affecting collection of stories, in a variety of literary styles; acerbic yet lyrical snippets depicting the reality of transgender life. Drily humorous, inventive writing invigorates the complexities of identity and social experience in a voice that inspires empathy. This is an insight into a struggle for a different world away from the marginalisation of the non-binary community. Bold and moving stories that make you think.


   Elena came back in the evening with one more round of shopping, designed to get me through the next week – tins, stuff for the freezer, etc. Hattie made a proper roast dinner while we all listened to the Top 40 on the radio (I loved the new one by XTC). Then they hugged me, said goodbye and left, telling me to keep in touch. I laid on the bed and wept, partly because it still hurt but mainly because everyone had been so kind. I took off my clothes, looked at my naked body and asked myself if all this had been worth it and realised, Yes it had, and that I couldn’t wait to experience real life again.

  • Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters
  • Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson
  • New Woman by Charity Norman