Eva Moves the Furniture by Margot Livesey

Eva Moves the Furniture

Margot Livesey

A moving exploration of loss and loneliness seen through the eyes of a motherless child who later becomes a nurse during the second world war. The central character's life is at various times helped and hampered by her 2 invisible protectors. Journeying through a life of both love and disappointment, there is an inevitability to the story which is as uplifting as it is tragic.

As for me, I was glimpsing that the stories I'd been hearing all my life had been changed in the telling, made into fairy stories for a little girl.Now I have some understanding of why one might want to protect a child, but at the time it gave me an unsettled feeling. Were the facts I had taken for granted going to start shifting like the furniture? Yes, of course - the whole world was shifting - and that unsettled feeling lasted, on and off, for years.....
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