Maynard & Jennica by Rudolph Delson

Maynard & Jennica

Rudolph Delson

Romances are so often inwardly focussed, but this builds up a love story like a tv documentary, using snippets of interviews alongside news footage. Layers of family history, personal accounts and events in the wider world accumulate, making the book feel very solid and real, despite the ridiculousness of the exaggerated characters and the crazy Romantic Comedy coincidences. I found it irresistible.

Or, like, the first time Arnie saw my apartment and he said immediately, 'Jennica, what a treasure! With original parquet!' I was like: 'But there are mice. And it’s never the right temperature. And it’s susceptible to burglary. And it's too expensive.' Because no matter how much you like your apartment you always feel like a real New Yorker would have gotten a better deal. But Arnie said: 'If you say so. Shall we find you something more perfect then?' Like, that confidence, that irresistible male confidence. That perfect sense of anything is possible because New York City could be where I am from.

So, I don’t need all these warnings people are giving me about Arnie buying me a cat, I am not the sort of person to fall in love recklessly. I know there are issues with Arnie.

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