The Long and Short of It by Jodi Taylor

The Long and Short of It

Jodi Taylor

What might happen if professional historians were sent back in time to check that ideas regarding say William I's coronation are accurate? With strict instructions not to change anything of course. These short stories provide witty, often unexpected but completely plausible suggestions about, for example, what to swap with an Ancient Egyptian in order to get back a Glock - as well as fascinating and, to me, little known historical facts.


'Max, I'm so sorry - whatever you're going to do, I'm sure I shouldn't let you do it. Maybe I should confess to Dr Bairstow now and take my medicine.'
She was underestimating the seriousness of the matter. A loaded gun adrift in Ancient Egypt was far more than a disciplinary problem but there was no point in making things worse for her. Not at the moment anyway. I tried for optimism

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